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The strength and efficiency of the SETCOR cloud

  • Create your own virtual data centre
  • Manage your private or public cloud
  • Run and migrate virtual servers quickly and easily
  • Complete scalability of required computer resources in the Setcor cloud


Setcor infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows you to use a complete computer infrastructure, from server to data centre, without investing in your own equipment, and you pay as much as you use it.


Setcor infrastructure leasing allows you to add new resources (a processor, a memory, a disk) to your system with just a few clicks or overwrite them when they are no longer needed. Given that the service is paid according to spent resources, this way of managing a computer infrastructure will create tangible savings in business, whereas the ease of activating additional resources will allow you to timely react when the need for new resources arises.

While in the “traditional” computer infrastructure, financed and maintained by the companies themselves, it takes up to several weeks to react and expand the system, in Setcor infrastructure your needs for resources are solved within minutes.


If you decide to create your own computer infrastructure, you expect high costs and almost inevitable spending more than you have to.

When purchasing an appropriate server, you already have to think about whether it can cover not only your current but also your future needs in order to avoid extra costs. In the case of unplanned growth and the need for new resources, unplanned costs arise and sometimes for lack of ability to easily add new components to an existing server, you are forced to purchase new equipment. In addition to the procurement of the server, the network resources, equipment placement, as well as human resources for installation and maintenance of the system should also be taken into account.

By using Setcor infrastructure, you avoid unnecessary investment in the equipment and its maintenance, and you create a computer system that will suit your current needs, and in case you need new resources – you can activate them within minutes.


Setcor data centres provide you with complete business security.

Along with the ensured stability and security of the Internet connection and the extremely high availability of the data centre, your business in our infrastructure is ensured by various redundancies such as diesel aggregates, redundant external refrigeration units etc.

To ensure that all data are secure, our data centres are secured to the highest standards:

– Burglary prevention: security zones, perimeter protection, anti-burglary surveillance, video surveillance

– Access control: biometric control and card access

– Fire Alarms: VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection) and fire alarm centres and fire detectors in several separated areas

– Fire protection: the redundant gas extinguishing system NOVEC with several fire zones

– Physical protection 24/7.


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