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Acquire tangible results for your IT system in the shortest possible time

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of complex ICT systems and services
  • Extensions and integration of new components, services and functionalities in existing environments
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring, administration and maintenance of infrastructure, systematic and application services, with or without SLA
  • Standard installation of a large number of client computers, maintenance, logistics and tracking from the central service desk, with or without SLA


Setcor uses a pragmatic approach to build an IT infrastructure that will help you with critical business needs

The main challenges companies are facing today in the course of development are complex technologies and rapid business environment development. That is why there is a strong need to understand the complexity of an IT environment and to ensure that technology is consistent with your business goals. Organisations meet with highly informed and demanding customers, unclear business boundaries, new revenue streams, and changes in cost structure.

To succeed, you must ensure that your IT system can provide tangible results as soon as possible. You need to have well-integrated systems that enable you to make decisions in real-time and to maximize the return on your existing IT investment.

Our services include:

– project management – technical consulting – building solutions – implementation and support training – service level management – specialised management services with Microsoft and Citrix solutions

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