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What is SETCOR, what are we doing...

Conventional IT processes and systems can no longer provide their users with solutions and responses to the rapid changes in the challenges that all industries are being confronted with nowadays.

Leaders, those who manage the IT sectors of companies, seek a trusted partner who can compensate for such dynamic demands and provide solutions.

Setcor is that partner!

We are able to provide our customers with solutions that will reduce the need for losing huge amounts of money and human resources in trying to manage their ICT problems.

Rather than focusing on solving ICT problems, they can have these resources focus on strengthening their position on their markets or expanding in the new ones, while leaving us to manage their ICT needs and take care of the entire infrastructure of a company, including managing and maintaining ICT capacities.

In addition, we provide the user with a solution for a secure network of his data centre, which he might previously create independently, by using the online tool.

One of our special features is a tool that enables all users to create the desired data centre using only web browsers, including its complete infrastructure and all elements. After reviewing the technical features, the user orders his data centre with a simple click.

Another feature is the possession of its communication nodes in Zagreb, Vienna and Budapest, which do not require an Internet connection and allow users to access data centres via a secure network.

We provide the services that each company needs to operate in a transparent and competitive manner. We provide all our customers with a platform of top quality and reliability, while for management of this infrastructure neither new knowledge nor specific adjustment of employees are necessary. In the same way that our users have managed their own data centres so far, they continue to manage a new data centre on our infrastructure while retaining complete control over all the elements. With us, the user retains the previous way of doing business and management, but with a much faster response in case of increasing or decreasing the required ICT infrastructure capacity that are needed to meet certain business needs and requirements, and with a significant reduction in overall operating costs.

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