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Fast and secure backup of your data

  • Backup and recovery with just a few mouse clicks
  • Simple and secure data storage within the only Tier 3 data centre in Croatia
  • Connection to your cloud resources within 10 minutes
  • Connection via secure SSL/TLS connection without VPN


Commvault Simpana is an enterprise solution for backup and recovery of all types of data...

The growing popularity of cloud and hybrid infrastructure creates demand for quality backup solutions.

Commvault Simpana is a solution that offers integrated support for all known storage brands and provides a unique and fast data search, storage and retrieval via Internet Browser, Microsoft Outlook or File Browser.

Advantages of Commvault Simpana solutions:

– Commault Simpana IntelliSnap management technology centralises snapshot management through a variety of storage platforms that are constantly expanding

– Commvault Simpana is a unique platform that has IntelliSnap management technology, capability for indexing, deduplication and replication to efficiently save, transfer and recover data from any storage level

– Support for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer

– Protection of hundreds of virtual and physical servers in a short time without affecting the production environment

– Source deduplication – unnecessary transferring data and saving the same data several times

– Creation of your own scenarios to make each step of the process automated

– Backup of physical and virtual servers, applications, and end devices (cell phones, laptops, etc.)

– Backup, recovery and replication of all types of databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)

– Automatic detection of unprotected virtual servers with minimum administrator intervention

– Archiving all data types and generating multiple reports

– Simple Web Self-Service portal to backup or restore mobile devices or end-users’ PCs.

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