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Sharepoint in Setcor data centre

  • Everyday backups prevent data loss
  • Team web site allows conversations between colleagues, a central place for all your content
  • Administration of documents - versioning and restoring previous versions of documents
  • All Internet communication with Sharepoint Server is encrypted


Sharepoint service on servers located in our data centre

A Microsoft Sharepoint service based on Microsoft Sharepoint servers located in our data centre and available from all over the world. The service enables all Sharepoint native features as well as adding custom solutions to our infrastructure.

Setcor offers the initial setup of regular maintenance and upgrading of the Sharepoint infrastructure.

  • – Backup/Restore – Daily backups prevent data loss.
  • – Possibility of direct connection to a user data centre – for users with their own Active Directory
  • – Complete communication is encrypted – All Internet communication with Sharepoint Server is encrypted.
  • – OneDrive – Local file synchronization with other Sharepoint users
  • – Administration of documents – documents versioning, restoring previous versions of documents, simultaneous work with other users
  • – Team Web site – conversations between colleagues, central location for all your content
  • – Office web apps – using the Microsoft Office palette in the Internet browser (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • – Search – searching Sharepoint Frame by file names or by their content

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