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Place your equipment in our top-notch centres

  • Top data centres provide uninterrupted operation of the equipment
  • Set your own equipment while we provide space and safety
  • All of your equipment care is left in your hands for complete control
  • The quality of our centres guarantees you top-notch availability

Premium Collocation

Place your equipment in our data centre

We provide space for equipment, electricity, air conditioning and security, and you provide everything else.

Collocation of servers and equipment is one of the core services of our data centre. It means either renting an entire rack or rent per unit of height (U), as well as renting a private cage.

The data centre users are free to set the equipment according to their own choice and needs. By collocation of servers and other equipment in the system room, besides the additional security, users achieve long-term savings of more than 25% compared to the investment in the purchase and maintenance of their own equipment and space for such quality accommodation.

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