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Multiple authentication for enhanced security of your sign-ups

  • Double-sided secure user authentication for identity verification
  • Verifying security status of your users and blocking access to risky devices
  • Protecting every application including on-premises or cloud application
  • Security is embedded in everything we do, people, processes and technology


Multiple Authentication

Multiple authentication enhances the security of your login by using two mandatory factors or methods to verify your identity.

These factors may include:

Something you know

Unique username or password

Something you have

Smartphone applications for approving authentication requirements

Something you are

A fingerprint or scan from the retina

You can protect your login data from remote attackers who want to use stolen or weak credentials by using two different methods.

Integration is possible with all systems that support LDAP or RADIUS authentication as well as VMWare, Citrix, Remote Desktop, Web and classical applications, VPN servers, firewalls, and other devices.


Why multifactor authentication?

Without a physical device, remote attackers cannot pretend to be you in order to access your company resources, your data in the cloud, financial information, and the like.

By integrating 2 factor authentication with your apps, attackers cannot access your account without knowing your login data, and at the same time, without having a physical device that is essential as a second factor for successful login.

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