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Security services from SETCOR cloud

  • Real-time network protection with Next generation firewalls
  • Simple self-management or joint management
  • Each SECaaS service user has a completely separate, dedicated security device
  • Let Setcor maintain the safety product


Next generation firewall as a service

NGFWaaS is a part of the SECaaS that definitely ensures the provision of cloud security services.

In the same context, we deliver and maintain Next-Generation Firewalls as a service for our users with many advantages: effective network security, flexible setup, no capital costs, automatic update, easy self-management or shared management and support. The user can perform some or all of the security management tasks alone or we, as a service providers, can take over some of the tasks as a part of the SECaaS offer.

In any case, the user does not have to worry about product-related issues, such as state-of-the-art product maintenance or updating: he/she can simply focus on what’s important to his/her business and leave us to worry about maintaining the security product.

The security features available to each individual user can be selected according to the specific and individual user needs.

Standard service may include:

– firewall

– VPN remote access

– management and reporting


Additional Next-Generation firewall features (may be available on demand), such as:

– application control

– user identity awareness

– anti-virus

– intrusion detection and prevention and

– web content filtering

These features are essential for overall higher level of security, with a slightly higher monthly cost, but still without CapEx investment.

Each SECaaS service user has a completely separate, dedicated, security device located in front of its virtual or physical infrastructure. In this way, we ensure that wrong configurations or attacks on a single user are retained within the framework of that single user.

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