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Guaranteed resources (CPU / RAM / DISC) available, in a few minutes

  • Efficiency and reliability of cloud computing
  • Services publicly available to the end user
  • Simple selection and launch of required resources
  • Complete scalability of required computer resources


Create cloud virtual servers in just a few moments

The time of physical servers is more and more behind us and their roles are successfully taken over by virtual servers. The main reason for the massive use of virtual servers lies in the fact that virtual servers are extremely flexible, fast to create and set up, while high availability is guaranteed by Setcor.

Setcor cloud allows you to create and manage virtual servers and support resources easily and quickly, no matter what application of that server is. Within a few minutes you can have your own server ready to work.


There are many applications for virtual servers that you can create in your cloud.

Setcor cloud is just for you if you need:

– web server – mail server – database server – development or testing environment – VPN server – DNS server – data storage server etc.. etc

There are countless applications that Setcor cloud enables you to do


The private infrastructure based on physical servers cannot be matched by Setcor public cloud


If you decide to create your own computer infrastructure, you expect careful planning, high costs and almost inevitable spending more money than necessary.

The first step already brings in some doubts and creates costs that are measured in tens of thousands of kunas.

When purchasing a suitable server you need to keep in mind the current needs of your business, but also your needs in the future, in order to avoid subsequent high costs and work interruptions.

In the case of unplanned growth and the need for new resources, unplanned costs arise, and sometimes it is not possible to add new components to an existing server easily, so you are forced to purchase new equipment.

On the other hand, if you are planning to expand your business and get a server that is ready for much greater requirements than currently needed, and later on you realise that all of this “strength” is actually not essential, you have created an unnecessary expense.

In addition to the procurement of servers, leasing the network resources, placing the server and accompanying equipment, as well as human resources for installation and maintenance of the system should also be taken into account.

You will realise very soon that it all costs a lot and that the implementation of the complete installation and commissioning might take a couple of weeks.


By using Setcor infrastructure from the beginning, you avoid unnecessary investment in equipment and maintenance of the same, and you create a computer system that suit your current needs, and in case you need new resources – you can activate them within minutes.

In addition to not having to plan a server purchase, when using Setcor cloud, you do not have to worry about its placement, nor about the employees that will maintain the infrastructure.


While in case of physical server you have to think about the processor and make sure it can meet your future needs, you choose the number of virtual processors and apply them instantaneously in the Setcor cloud. In a situation where the physical server can no longer offer satisfactory performances, you are forced to change the server components or even the entire server, while using Setcor cloud that is not the case. Since Setcor services are powered by the enterprise equipment of renowned manufacturers, you can be assured that your virtual servers will always get the most out of our servers and new resources are at your fingertips.


As with processors, the memory and the disk space can become a serious problem with physical servers, especially if you get an inadequate server with insufficient expansion capacities. In such a case, it is inevitable to have an additional cost for changing the server or, at best, to make the acquisition of additional server memory and new accommodation capacities.

Such problems are inexistent in Setcor cloud, and in terms of the amount of memory and disk space only the sky is the limit.

Besides, you pay only as much as you spend in Setcor cloud.

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