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Management of mobile devices with a Citrix XenMobile system

  • Management of mobile devices while selecting data security
  • Complete cost and business operations control
  • Central management of applications, installation policies and data access with the ability to remotely delete device contents
  • The user of Citrix XenMobile system may use the whole necessary infrastructure


Management of mobile devices with the Citrix XenMobile System (SaaS)

Citrix XenMobile is the best way to manage Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile with mobile devices, while simultaneously providing the security policies over data from the same devices.

Centralized management of installed applications, application installation policies, data access assurance with the ability to remotely delete the device contents.

The Citrix XenMobile system enables users to join their mobile device into the system without compromising the security policies of the organization to which they associate.

Complete control with dedicated resources for the complete cost and business operations control.

The user of the Citrix XenMobile System may use all the necessary infrastructure that is designed and security-restricted for the needs of users.

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