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Data backup in the SETCOR cloud

  • Enterprise backup, designed to be secure, accessible and flexible
  • Our data centres keep your information safe
  • Daily Backup and 24/7 access to Setcor support
  • Setcor SLA surpasses even your expectations


Reduce the cost of backing up your data

Backing up and recovering data are inevitable in all organizations, but they are often considered to be too expensive and tough to be manageable. Most backup issues occur overnight, when there is no one who might monitor processes, and thus there is a possibility of data loss. Employees and their skills are the biggest expenditure and challenge in the backup system.

Setcor allows you to backup services tailored to your needs.

Setcor Backup as a service is based on simple principles:

Each user is different and requires separate access. Our goal is to release your IT team from their obligations and to ensure that backup does not affect production. Setcor is responsible for the success and quality of backups (with SLA). Setcor is responsible for retrieval of your data. The service itself is based on enterprise equipment and technologies that enable reliable backup and data retrieval through a service that is easily activated.

Basic benefits of Setcor BaaS services:


UNDISTURBED WORK – Daily backup and 24/7 access to Setcor support

ENTERPRISE BACKUP – Designed to be safe, accessible and flexible

SECURITY – Our data centres keep the data safe

TESTING SERVICES ON A QUARTERLY BASIS – Frequent testing ensures continuous quality of service

SLA – Setcor SLA surpasses even your expectations

SAVING MONEY – Reduce cost of backup and retreival of critical data

ENTERPRISE EQUIPMENT – Setcor uses only top-level enterprise equipment from the world’s largest manufacturers

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