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Allow SETCOR to worry about software

  • Members of developing team can be anywhere in the world and work together
  • Our data centres keep your information safe
  • No need to invest in software and equipment
  • Guaranteed security and stable operation of the service


Develop and run your own applications on Setcor infrastructure

A platform as a service (PaaS) brings the benefits offered by Software as a service (SaaS) into the developing world. Therefore, PaaS can be defined as a platform that enables web application development, quickly, easily and without the complexity of procurement and maintenance of the required software and infrastructure, as this service enables developers to develop applications and services through the Internet.

Some of the benefits of Setcor PaaS service are:

– Noteworthy savings because you do not have to invest in equipment.

– Members of development team can be in different locations around the world and work together in the cloud.

– The service provides you with flexibility and control over tools installed for creation of platform that will be tailored to your needs.

– Let Setcor take care of data security and stable operations.

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