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Veeam Cloud Connect protects your business in an always available cloud environment

  • Backup and recovery with just a few mouse clicks
  • Simple and secure data storage within the only Tier 3 data centre in Croatia
  • Connection to your cloud resources within 10 minutes
  • Connection via secure SSL/TLS connection without VPN


Veeam Disaster Recovery as a service is an affordable and efficient image-based replication within the cloud for all types of applications.

Most of today’s businesses cannot afford to be disconnected from their data not even for several hours.

Disaster Recovery is often a neglected part of IT plans that in the event of a system crash first can save the business from additional cash and data losses.

Why use Veeam DRaaS?

The Veeam Cloud Connect service is managed from the same console used by Veeam B&R.

Cloud Service Provider is added in a few step and resources are available for use within a few seconds. All traffic is protected before sending by end-to-end encryption.

Reduction of DR costs

Veeam Cloud Connect replication protection becomes easy, and failover of the entire site or just selected VM can be done anywhere with just a few mouse clicks.

Testing a DR plan

Disaster Recovery testing at any time without affecting the production environment.

Periodic successful tests secure your plan in case of a real DR failover.

Additional features

Use of a previously created backup as the starting point for replication – the ability to use cloud seeding.

Reduced amount of data when replicating and using the functionality of network extensibility.

Faster replication and up to 20 times less bandwidth consumption using WAN Accelerator.


RTPO within 15 minutes.

Veeam DRaaS protects your business in the always available cloud environment.

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