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Top locations for server hosting

  • SLA availability (Tier3) of 99.982 %
  • Link to CIX node for traffic within Croatia
  • Transmission capacity on each path is 160 × 10 Gbit
  • Excellent international connections to Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Ljubljana, Belgrade...


It is located 35 kilometres from Zagreb, close to the Zagreb-Karlovac highway. As part of an entrepreneurial zone, there are no elements that would, by its own location, jeopardise the work of the data centre or pose a threat to either workers or business objects.

Technical characteristics of Jastrebarsko location

Total area foreseen for IT equipment 1.300 m2

SLA availability (Tier3) of 99.982 %

Distance from Zagreb is 35 kilometres and accommodation in different earthquake area compared to Zagreb

Carrier neutral data centre connected with optic to 2 nodes in Zagreb and connection to CIX, VIX and BIX

The location has excellent transport links to Zagreb

Electric power sources:

Two different loops of the electric power transmission line

Redundant 4 MW transformer facilities

Redundant power switching nodes

Diesel power units 4 x 1.6 MW in synchronous operation (guarantee DC independence for 72 hours at full power)

Two power supply branches (A+B) both powered by the UPS system (2N+1)

Cooling system:

Redundant external cooling units

Redundant machine facility (engine rooms)

Floor cooling (the entire space is covered by multiple redundancies)

In case of high dissipation it is very easy to install In-row units

Large number of temperature and humidity sensors in space


Two independent optical tracks to two separated nodes in Zagreb

Transmission capacity on each route is 160 x 10 G

Fiber Channel (2, 4, 8, 10 G); Ethernet to 10 G, and lower speeds on L2 or L3

Excellent international connectivity to Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Ljubljana, Belgrade, …

Link to CIX node for traffic within Croatia

Security and protection of the entire complex as a single system:

Burglary prevention: security zones, perimeter protection, anti-burglary surveillance, video surveillance

Access control: biometric control and card access

Fire detection (alarm): VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection) and fire alarms as well as fire detectors in several separate zones

Fire protection: a redundant gas extinguishing system NOVEC together with several fire zones

Physical protection 24/7


The Vienna data centre is just minutes away from the centre of Vienna and provides the ultimate security, scalable infrastructure and a wide range of connectivity solutions for the most demanding IT systems

Technical characteristics of the Vienna site

Total area of IT equipment is 4.700 m2

SLA availability of 99.999 %

Optically connected to almost 100 providers by VIX connection

The location has excellent transport links to Vienna

Sources of Power Supply:

2N UPS redundancy N + 1 backup generators, support 60 hours of work in full capacity and fast charging

The system:

The whole centre is monitored 24/7 in a climate controlled environment.

Top fire protection with fireproof walls. Early smoke detectors (VESDA). Straight lines to fire stations. Automatic gas extinguishing systems (INERGEN)

Security and protection of the entire complex as a single system:

The centre is secured with 24/7 access control, CCTV cameras and barriers. Trained security team present 24/7. ISO and BS certificates (information security management systems)


The Budapest data centre is spread over 14,400 m2 on two floors. The location of the complex provides access to top providers.

Technical features of the Budapest location

Sources of Power Supply:

22 MW over four operating loops and one backup. Ten aggregates provide 22 MW for continuous power for N + 1 philosophy with a 3 minute response. In full capacity, 240,000 L of fuel tank capacity is ensured in 4 tanks. The UPS provides 8 minutes of full load operation

Cooling system:

A precise cooling system that regulates the temperature and humidity of the user area is connected to an indoor tube system used for air cooling in the server rooms

The primary cooling system works on a liquid coolant basis where the coolant is pumped into redundant pumps

Fresh air is provided with high capacity equipment that cleans, heats/cools and distributes air free of dust particles

The temperature is maintained at constant 22 °C ± 2 °C.


Access to the centre is ensured through many telecommunications providers

Security and protection of the entire complex as a single system:

The centre is fully secured from burglary and violent entry

The insurance monitors the centre and the environment through a closed TV network 24/7

Records are archived and can be retracted at any time

Critical points are traced by regular patrols with a log

The most important parts of the centre are secured by a biometric system

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