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  • Zerto can be ready with simple installation within 30 minutes
  • Your data are protected at your own location or within Setcor cloud
  • Reverse Sync - restore from recovery to production without system shutdown
  • Detailed reports, statistics on protected infrastructure


Disaster Recovery and data protection become the most critical challenge in today's business

Zerto can be ready within 30 minutes with simple installation without the need for additional configuration of storage or server infrastructure.

Eliminates dependence on one type of hardware, and the central console reduces complexity and eliminates connection failures with Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery processes.

One administrative console for DR, replication, migration, backup

Hypervisor Replication – without affecting the performance of the production environment

Cross-platform replication / migration

Restore point every few seconds, 2 weeks back

Protected data on your own location or within the cloud

RTO/RPO within 15 minutes

Reverse Synchronization – returning from DR to production without stopping the system

A simple DR testing at any time without affecting the proxy infrastructure

Own Self-Service portal or control by CSP

Detailed reports, statistics on protected infrastructure

An additional backup of infrastructure up to one year

Backup is performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Restore to various Vmware or Hyper-V environments

24/7/365 support for users

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