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Rely on our long-standing experience in managing complex projects

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of complex ICT systems and services
  • Extensions and integration of new components, services and functionality in existing environments
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring, administration and maintenance of infrastructure as well as systematic and application services, with or without SLA
  • Standard installation of a large number of client computers, maintenance, logistics and tracking from the central service desk, with or without SLA


Each project is unique. The project aims at achieving unique company requirements. Project management involves defining requirements, setting clear and achievable goals, establishing balance between opposing quality requirements, reach, as well as time, cost and customisation of specifications, plans and approaches to the interests and expectations of different stakeholders.

The project management processes are:

  • – Development of conceptual design
  • – Project documentation
  • – Project directing and management
  • – Monitoring and control of carrying out the project
  • – Coordinated monitoring of changes
  • – Realisation of the project

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