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The connection of the Setcor cloud with your infrastructure brings out the best of both worlds

  • Connect your own infrastructure with the Setcor cloud and make savings
  • The Setcor cloud provide you with stability and high availability
  • Develop new solutions in a secure private cloud environment
  • Switch a part of the business to the cloud and clear your own infrastructure


Whenever you need to connect the physical and virtual infrastructure or your primary data centre with resources in the SETCOR cloud

The hybrid cloud is suitable for clients who want to keep a critical part of the infrastructure under their own control within the company, while they want to keep the less critical part in a publicly accessible cloud.

A simple example would be a web store that in a given season has far more visitors than average and needs additional computing resources only for that part of the year.


– Flexibility – If your company’s needs are constantly changing, your development team can have multiple benefits if you have a private environment where you can create and test new software without the need for drastic changes in IT resources and infrastructure

– Security – Protected, confidential and sensitive information can be stored in a private cloud, while at the same time applications that depend on these data can use public cloud resources

– Stability – For companies depending on the extremely high level of availability, stability is tremendously important. That is exactly what Setcor cloud offers to you

– Reduced latency – If business operations of your company depend on the functions that require minimal server response (e.g. financial companies), you will definitely benefit from switching such functionality to Setcor cloud

– Savings – There is growing pressure on your infrastructure and computer equipment with growth of IT requirements. You can devote the remaining resources at your location to the essential processes by switching at least one part of the business to Setcor cloud.

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