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CRM solution available in every part of the world

  • Management of users fully connected to Outlook
  • Enhance your business operations with customers by following all customer requirements
  • Manage all of your business operations, from production to placement
  • Information and documents are available non-stop on all devices


Microsoft Dynamics servers located in our centres

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a service based on Microsoft Dynamics servers located in our data centre and available from all over the world.

Setcor offers the initial setup of regular maintenance and upgrading of Microsoft Dynamic infrastructure.

  • – Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a simple dashboard system with all brochures and customer information in one place.
  • – Customer engagement (CRM) – Microsoft Dynamics CRM assists companies by providing a customer tracking interface, creating long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust
  • – ERP systems and solutions – Possibility of connecting and managing entirely business operations, financial management of the supply chain from production to placement with an overview that facilitates making smart decisions
  • – Access to archived data related to client communication and the possibility of future interactions with sales and marketing channels. Overview per companies and success measurement analysis
  • – Design and work with a CRM solution not only within the office. Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is available on smartphones and tablet devices.
  • – The information and documents created within Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution can be transferred to Microsoft SharePoint and shared with all employees.

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