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Let SETCOR take care of software

  • You do not have to worry about updating software and "patching" the issue
  • Our data centres keep your information safe
  • Applications are available from anywhere in the world, all you need is the Internet
  • You do not lose data in case of failure - all the data are stored in Setcor cloud


Access the necessary software through the Internet

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which Setcor allows users access to the applications located on Setcor infrastructure, through the network.

An important feature of the SaaS model is that, unlike the classic purchasing of applications, in the SaaS model, the user only pays for the application use service while licenses and maintenance are taken care of by Setcor. This allows users to pay for the software just as much as it is really used, with very easy adjustment of the number of users.


If you have PaaS you do not have to invest in computer equipment and accompanying infrastructure, nor do you have to worry about purchasing a license.

In case of standard software procurement, you may find it problematic to determine the software that your company needs, and in case of a false estimate, you can lose money.

Setcor PaaS service allows you to use the software easily and to abandon it at any time, reducing your risk of bad investment to a minimum.

In case of standard software purchases, each new version represents a new cost to you if you want to be up to date. Setcor SaaS service will keep your software always at the latest version without any extra charge.


Since you do not have to install software, which in large companies can be a painstaking job, you can use your application immediately after the lease.

You do not have to invest in the workers who will be in charge of maintenance of equipment and applications.

Setcor will entirely take care of all matters regarding the application.

Data backup is done on Setcor servers, which enables you to work undisturbed.

In case of a problem and the need to “patch” the application, the SaaS model prevents you from a time loss because the corrections are applied at one central point instead to every computer in the company.

These days mobility is extremely important, and Setcor SaaS allows you to use your application anytime and anywhere.


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