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The strength and efficiency of the cloud with the safety, control and performance of the dedicated environment

  • Efficiency and reliability of cloud computing
  • Infrastructure completely separated from the others in the data centre
  • A simple launch and migration of virtual machines
  • Complete scalability of required computer resources

Private cloud

The virtual or physical infrastructure located within Setcor data centres, fully dedicated to your resources

The private cloud infrastructure is owned by your company and you manage it yourself or with the support of our IT specialists. This infrastructure is completely separate from other user infrastructures in the data centre.



– Security – the private cloud infrastructure is completely separated from other users

– High level of usability – virtual servers are separated from physical servers and can be run on any suitable virtual server and can easily migrate between them without compromising performance

– Scalability – self-service or automation allow users to commission and launch new virtual servers without direct IT intervention. You can scale computer resources for virtual servers by yourself if some server application needs more or less space for the storage of data, memory, processors, etc.

– Pay as much as you use – the private cloud integrates the reporting and chargeback to automatically track the use of computer resources and makes “billing” in line with resources utilisation.

– Transparency and cost review – you can better monitor financial implications and make business decisions such as removing unnecessary virtual servers or resources

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